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    W3ADO is the callsign of the US Naval Academy's Amateur Radio Club which was founded in the 1920's. Although its constituency changes yearly, and totally every 4 years, it consists of from 10 to 30 midshipmen sharing the common interest in Amateur Radio. Link to the Student's current Club Page or to a quite informative Last year's page

Here is the group in Jan 1999.

    One of the clubs main events is supporting the communications for the 13th Company's annual running of the Army/Navy game football from Annapolis to the stadium in Philidelphia. The challenge is maintaining communication between the 13th company, 3 chase vehicles, and the command post in Oxford, PA over a period of 18 hours and a distance of 130 miles.

    The radio club is also a participant in the MARS allows sailors at sea to talk to family members via phone patches. This is accomplished by a ham operator on board a ship contacting a MARS operator on land. Once the connection has been established, the MARS operator connects his radio to the telephone line and dials the number.

    The club has a four room shack in the 7th wing of Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

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