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Other Sites of Interest

Local Radio Clubs & Resources

WWW HAM-RADIO SERVERS LIST : An excellent WWW resource for Ham Radio.

W3ADO : USNA Midshipmen Amateur Radio Club.

K6LY : Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club (NPSARC).

Packet Radio Homepage :TAPR organization, also has an excellent ftp site.

DMARC : Digital Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council.

GARC : Goddard Amateur Radio Club (NASA-Goddard Spaceflight Center)

BRATS : Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society.

W3EAX : University Of Maryland's Amateur Radio Club.

SMARC : Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club (147.150).

The American Radio Relay League : Maryland/DC section.

GPS Technology and information

Garmin GPS : An excellent site for Garmin GPS information, applications, and frequently asked questions.

SGPS : The Spaceborne GPS Information Site by the Geodetic Research Laboratory at the University of New Brunswick.

Amateur Satellites & Space Related Experiments

AFIT archive : Contains Keplerian two line elements used for tracking amateur satellites.

SSHP : The Small Satellite Home Page. Has a list of small satellites that carry GPS receivers.

PANSAT : Developed by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) will go up in '97.

ASUSat 1 : Information on Arizona State Univeristy's satellite project.

AMSAT-NA : Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, producers of the AMSAT-OSCAR (AO) satellites, plus many other popular amateur satellites.

UoSAT/SSTL : The University of Surrey's amateur satellite and space program.

JAS-2 : Japanese Amateur Satellite-2, one of the newest amateur satellites.

MIR : Very popular with amateur satellite enthusiasts.

Radio Sputnik (RS) : Well known Russian amateur satellites.

SPARTAN : Packet Radio Experiment (SPRE).

SAREX : Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment.

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